80 years apart, two refugees tell a harrowing story in 2-minute UNICEF film.

UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, has published a powerful 2-minute film in which they juxtapose a Syrian boy, Ahmed, and an elderly WWII survivor, Harry, simultaneously telling their stories of being refugees, fleeing war and death. “80 years apart, these two refugees have more in common than you’d think,” says UNICEF.
In their short introduction to the film, UNICEF states: “These are the real stories of Harry and Ahmed, told in their own words. Though generations separate them, there are unsettling parallels between their horrific stories as child refugees.
We share a common home and a common humanity. This short film captures both in a simple yet stunning way.
You may view the film by clicking here:
UNICEF asks you to “Share this video with #RefugeesWelcome to show your support for the millions of vulnerable child refugees who need our help.”
You can learn more about UNICEF’s work with child refugees by clicking here:




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