The Irish comedian Hal Roach tells a humourous story about Knock. He says that during a lunch-break in a New York building site the topic of religion came up for discussion among some of the workers. There were workers from many nationalities and a French man began to hold forth about the apparition of the…
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We tend to take our modern gas and electric stoves and ovens for granted, but in many countries, homes have only kerosene or solid fuel cooking stoves, which can pollute household air. Each year, more than 4 million people die globally of complications from inhaling smoke from these stoves. In a study on the risks, researchers…
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On Saturday 27th May 2017, we celebrate the 37th Annual SMA National Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine. It remains one of our most popular and best attended annual events. It is not often that Knock Shrine and the Knock apparitions are the subject of a major New York Times article. But, on May 12, 2017, a piece…
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Our Mission

The Society of African Missions is a missionary society of priests and brothers dedicated to the proclamation of the Good News in Africa and to peoples of African origin. 

To celebrate Bealtaine and the joys of Summer, we offer our visitors a two-minute stupendous visual feast of the wonder of the Earth, captured by Richard Attenborough, and set to the immortal voice of Louis Armstrong singing, “It’s a Wonderful World”.

This is Laudato Si set to visual and musical poetry. It is a reminder of the great gift of consciousness that allows humanity to be both observers and participants in the mystery of creation.

The French-German physician, philosopher and theologian, the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Albert Schweitzer, concluded that we all must develop a sense of “reverence for all life” if the Earth is to flourish. This short video will help our visitors to more fully appreciate what Schweitzer meant and will surly deepen your sense of reverence.




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