Living in and involved with the communities in which we work, we in the SMA witness on a daily basis the struggle of Africa to achieve its potential in today’s world.

Africa for the SMA is the continent where we have found:

a welcome
an openness to receiving God’s Word
an attraction that inspires our missionaries to spend and give their lives.

At present, SMA works in 16 countries in Africa. For more information about any of these countries click on the name of country below.



angola_flag Our SMA members from Italy began work in Angola in 2000.


benin SMA missionaries work in six dioceses in Benin.

Central Africa

central_africa There are 13 SMA missionaries in Central Africa

Democratic Republic of the Congo

congo  We have 10 missionaries in the Democratic Republic of The Congo.



There are 4 SMA missionaries working in Egypt in the Vicariate of Alexandria.
St Marc, Shoubra: Fr Robbin Kamemba (Gulf of Guines DF) - Parish Priest & Chaplain to several groups in the area.Fr Casimir Kieszek (Strasbourg District) - Assistant Priest and responsible for the renovation of the Church.Fr Jean Paul Silué (Bight of Benin DF) - Assistant PriestAt present (January 2014), Fr Silue is in Sohag (Upper Egypt) working in a Coptic parish doing his language / cultural training.
Basilica of Our Lady of Heliopolis:Fr Farid Ibrahim (Lyons Province, Superior of the SMA community in Egypt. He is the only Egyptian-born member of the Society)
VocationsThe SMA has two Aspirants for priesthood: Mina Naguib and Ayman Doss.

egyptArab Republic of Egypt
Area: 1,001,000 sq. km.
Population: 77 million. Population Growth Rate: 1.9%
Capital: Cairo
Head of State: President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Independence: 28 February 1922 Ethnic Groups: Eastern Hamitic stock (Egyptians, Bedouins, and Berbers) 99%, Greek, Nubian, Armenian, other European (primarily Italian and French) 1% Religions: Muslim (mostly Sunni) 94%, Coptic Christian and other 6%

SMA involvement in Egypt As of 1 April 2014 there are 4 SMA missionaries working there.





ghana We have 21 SMA missionaries working in Ghana, of which 2 are Irish.

Ivory Coast

ivory-coast-flag There are 38 SMA missionaries working in Cote d'Ivoire


kenya SMA have an extensive network and involvement in Kenya.


flag_liberia SMA members work in Monrovia and the Cape Palmas & Gbarnga.


morocco SMA members work in different parishes as required.


niger SMA members work in the Dioceses of Niamey and Maradi.


ni-lgflag The Society of African Missions (SMA) first arrived in Nigeria in 1863

SMA in Africa

Serving the people of Africa and people of African descent around the world.

South Africa

sa SMA members work in Johannesburg, in Pretoria and in Rustenburg.


tanzania The SMA work in Mwanza and Arusha and in Shinyanga & Kahama.


togo SMA work in the Archdiocese of Lome, the Dioceses of Sokode & Kara.


zambia_flag SMA missionaries work in the Archdiocese of Lusaka and the diocese of Ndola.


Cooking Clean – Saving Lives

We tend to take our modern gas and electric stoves and ovens for granted, but in many countries, homes have only kerosene or solid fuel cooking stoves, which can pollute household air. Each year, more than 4 million people die globally of complications from inhaling smoke from these stoves. In a study on the risks, researchers...


Caring About A Small Blue Planet – SMA Parish, Wilton, Cork

We are the earth, through the plants and animals that nourish us. We are the rains and the oceans that flow through our veins. We are the breath of the forests of the land, and the plants of the sea. The SMA Parish, Wilton, Cork are in the process of becoming an Eco congregation. The...



The annual Novena to Our Lady begins at St. Joseph’s SMA Church, Blackrock Road, Cork, on Friday 19th May, and culminates with our annual pilgrimage to Knock Shrine on Saturday 27 May 2017. Details of mass times, themes and chief celebrants follow. Novena Prayers are at the bottom of the page. Friday, 19 May Celebrant: Fr P...


Shalom’s Methodology Have Impact in Northern Ireland

The following article on the work of Shalom, Kenya, has been contributed by Tom Watson, president and founder of CauseWired, a US consulting firm advising clients on the social commons: nonprofits, foundations and companies.Tom is a journalist, author, and consultant who has worked at the confluence of media technology and social change for two decades. Tom...


TOGO Bishops – “… a bomb that may explode”

Agenzia Fides reports from Lomé (4 May 2017) the following statement from the Bishops of Togo: “The frustration of Togolese civil society is a bomb ready to explode… Let us recognize that behind the appearance of peace and tranquility, Togo is living a very negative moment: its sons and daughters are increasingly disappointed: they no longer know...

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