Child of Nazareth … Man for All – Fr. Eamon Kelly SMA

Little Child of Nazareth
Conceived by the Spirit
Born of Mary.
Under Joseph and Mary growing daily in Wisdom and Knowledge
God and Man.
So soon about your Father’s business
Confounding the Doctors of the Law.

             Quiet Nazareth years end at Jordan’s banks.
            Pointed out by John
            Confirmed by the Father and the Spirit
            Your Mission begun
            announcing to the world the Father’s Love.

Going about doing good
Teaching with Authority
Gathering your flock
Caring, Sharing,
Friend to prostitutes and sinners
Seeking out the Stray and the Lost and the Sick in need of a physician

            Many say: He does all things well
            But not all are happy.
            The Old Order opposes, the Priests, the Elders,
            Darkness gathers, death looms
            In fear you cry “If possible let it pass”.

But no, it is to be.
A mock trial condemns.
And so to the end you carry the cross my sins have made
till with the last trickle of blood
You dampen Calvary’s Hill.

            Little Child
become the Man for All Men ,
            the Man for all Times
            and Seasons.
            Help me follow Your Way
            And Tell Me who am I to be a neighbour to today. 

Fr Eamon Kelly SMA © 2016

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