“It’s a free prison here. We are free to stay, but with no hope or future.”

IRIN reported on 24 October 2016 on plans by the UK and the European Union to invest half a billion dollars in a scheme aimed at limiting the flow of migrants towards Europe from Ethiopia.

Known as the ‘Partnership Framework’, the initiative seeks cooperation with ‘third countries’ under the European Agenda on Migration.

The European Union describes the Framework as “an ambitious and forward looking European approach to deepening cooperation with countries of origin, transit and destination.”

Ethiopia is considered a key country of origin and transit for migrants. It currently has a refugee population of 700,000, the largest in Africa, coming from South Sudan, Congo, Uganda, Somalia, Eritrea, Yemen, Burundi and elsewhere.

The IRIN report looks at the practicalities and feasibility of the proposed partnership and seeks the views of refugees already in Ethiopia.

One refugee described the Ethiopian experience as:

“It’s a free prison here. We are free to stay, but with no hope or future.”

Some have been gathering online news about the initiative, wondering if they might benefit.

One refuges from Congo told IRIN:

“If you want to solve the refugee problem, you need to deal with the real cause of refugees, which is African leaders – but [foreign donors] are providing them with more money.”

The full report can be read here:


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