Famine declared in South Sudan

Extreme hunger in parts of Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.

Trocaire, the Irish Catholic Agency for World Development, has issued the following emergency appear:

“Ongoing conflict and drought conditions have combined to bring parts of South Sudan into famine, with other regions teetering on the brink. The South Sudanese government and the UN jointly declared the famine on Monday 20 February.

Right now 100,000 people are in famine. About five million people will need emergency food aid over the coming months. Among them children are facing serious malnutrition.

Parts of neighbouring Kenya and Ethiopia are badly affected by drought-related food shortages, while in Somalia over five million people are in need of emergency aid. The situation there threatens a repeat of 2011, when a famine cost the lives of 250,000 Somali people.

The Famine Early Warning System Network is warning that 70 million people in the region are in urgent need of aid.”

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