Muslims helping embattled Christians Fleeing ISIS in North Sinai, Egypt

“Ordinary Muslims are kind and try to help however they can. They’re often first on the scene, rescuing the injured and taking them to hospitals.”

The Catholic Herald reports the disturbing news of Islamic State attacks on Christians in Egypt’s North Sinai region where the terrorist group is now ‘strongly entrenched’.

However, speaking on behalf of Egypt’s Coptic Catholic Church, Fr Rafic Greiche said that Christians must differentiate between ordinary Muslims and extremists, praising local Muslims for helping embattled Christians.

“Ordinary Muslims are kind and try to help however they can,” Fr Greiche stated. “They’re often first on the scene, rescuing the injured and taking them to hospitals.”

Fr Greiche said Islamic State militants were now “strongly entrenched” in North Sinai, having been allowed by the Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood organisations to use tunnels from the Gaza Strip.

He said he believed the Egyptian authorities were committed to protecting Christians against the Islamist insurgency.

The Herald quoted Coptic Orthodox Bishop Angaelos, residing in Britain, who said from December through February, 40 Coptic Christians had been murdered in Egypt.

“These horrific attacks have gone largely unnoticed by the international community, but Copts continue to suffer tragic violations daily,” he stated. “The common denominator is that these innocent children, women and men have had their lives brutally and tragically ended for no other reason except that they are Christians.”

The Coptic Orthodox Church traces its origins to a first-century mission by St. Mark and amounts to a tenth of Egypt’s 82.5 million population. It has over 100 churches in the USA, including the Church of St. Nicholas of Myra, currently under reconstruction near Ground Zero, New York, the only non-commercial building to be destroyed during the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Amnesty International has recently criticised the Egyptian authorities, stating they had “consistently failed to protect Coptic residents of North Sinai from a long-standing pattern of violent attacks.”

You may read the full Catholic Herald report here:

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