Social Justice Ireland Conference 2016 – Invitation from Fr. Sean Healy SMA

What would Irish society be like if everyone had an adequate Basic Income from the State?

Could the complex and cumbersome Social Protection system be streamlined?
Could all forms of work, paid and unpaid be equally valued?
Could we foster increased creativity and innovation?  

Could we eradicate poverty?
Can we afford it?

Ireland in 2016 has the resources to implement such a Basic Income System.  An upcoming conference will illustrate how this can be achieved with practical details of costings and pathways.

Social Justice Ireland cordially invites you, to join us for our Annual Conference 2016 which poses the question:

Basic Income: Radical Utopia or Practical Solution?

The conference will explore current thinking on Basic Income and its links to citizenship within Europe.  It will have specific insights from practical programmes in the Netherlands and Finland.  Papers will also further explore how a Basic Income could operate in Ireland, including some innovative proposals in the areas of housing and tax credits.

You will find the final line up of speakers and further information on our website by clicking here:

You can register directly for the event by clicking here:  

Basic Income is a payment from the state to everyone, without any means test or work requirement.  It would be sufficient meet people’s basic needs and enable them to live with dignity.  Basic Income is not a new concept and over 22 national and regional groups are working on progressing it worldwide.  

We do hope that you will be able to join us in Croke Park on Tuesday 22
nd  Nov for what promises to be a stimulating and provocative discussion on this important issue.

Should you have any queries about the conference or indeed any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With best regards


Sean Healy 
Social Justice Ireland
01 2130724


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