Social Media and its Influence on Democratization of Africa

Eva Nolle works at the risk management firm Falkensteyn GmbH, which focuses on the Middle East and Africa. An article she published last August in the International Policy Digest, on the subject of Social Media and the democratisation of Africa, has been highlighted this week by IRIN.

It is a fascinating insight on how social media is challenging State Media throughout Africa which is often used to control and nuance the message which sitting governments want relayed. This has led to a number of African Governments targeting Social Media providers and, in some instances, shutting them down and attempting to curtail their influence by threatening sanctions against users.

Beginning with the role of Social Media in the Arab Spring of 2011, Nolle concludes her article as follows:

“With access to worldwide information, more and more of the populace experiences how democracies work and are demanding these rights. Suppression of the population and their rights to freedom of speech and assembly will only increase discontent and the notion to protest and resort to violence. This in turn will increase the likelihood of undemocratic power changes (such as coup d’états), violent protests and hostilities, moving the countries further away from their goal of democracy.”

The full article, published in the International Policy Digest can be accessed here:

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