Ten humanitarian stories to look out for in 2017

The IRIN news agency has offered its 10 humanitarian stories to look out for in 2017, three of which are in sub-Saharan Africa: ‘Genocide and famine warnings in South Sudan’; ‘Kabila stays on in Congo’; and ‘Famine in the Lake Chad Basin region’.

The other seven stories listed are:

The Impact of Trump

Venezuela undone

Yemen’s downward spiral

The post-Aleppo future of Syria

Myanmar’s Rohingya – a long-running crisis and a new insurgency

Iraq’s displacement crisis

In Afghanistan, more than a million people “on the move”

It is a sobering reflection, especially as the USA and Europe enters unchartered waters with a new style of presidency and the impact of Brexit respectively.

Based on his campaign statements and prolific tweeting, it seems likely that President-elect Trump will prioritise domestic and security interests over foreign aid spending and will roll back efforts made by the Obama administration to combat climate change.

The full list and IRIN’s rationale can be accessed here:

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