The 10 most under-reported humanitarian crises in 2016

“These humanitarian crises are not simply forgotten. They are wilfully ignored and neglected by world leaders’ attention.”

– Woflgang Jamann, Secretary General and CEO of CARE International

You watched the siege of Aleppo, saw photos of the hurricane-hit Haiti, and followed the impact of Zika on the Rio Olympics in 2016. But you were far less likely to hear about the unfolding conflict in Chad, desperate hunger in Papua New Guinea, or massive flooding in Bangladesh.

CARE International issued a report in advance of the 2017 Davos gathering in  which it details 10 major humanitarian crises that attracted the least media attention in 2016. The report explores why news organisations give more coverage to certain emergencies over others.

In cases like Eritrea and North Korea, it simply boils down to authoritarian governments refusing media access. In other regions, the reasons are more complex. Researchers highlighted little-known emergencies by monitoring more than 250,000 news sources to determine which conflicts and natural disasters received the least coverage. The following are their top ten, each linked to an IRIN feature or analysis:




North Korea,


Democratic Republic of Congo,


Papua New Guinea,

Central African Republic,


The full CARE International report may be accessed here:


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