1 am and 1 pm Holy Saturday Reflection


1 am

Christ is Dead

 Christ is dead.

His bloodied, bruised and punctured body

    lies cold in a guarded cave.



born of hope betrayed,

chokes the once vibrant faith of His followers.


This is truly the night of the dead.

The night of deepening darkness

    when all light is extinguished.


Fortunate are we who –

unlike the Apostles –

know it was not the end.



1 pm


Cowering in a secret room


where fear-filled eyes

scoured the world outside

for danger


the first Holy Saturday was

for the followers of Jesus

devoid of hope.


It was

for all Humankind, truly,

the darkest hour

before the dawn.


We had yet to realise

that the tomb of Christ

was, in fact,

God’s womb,

heavily pregnant

with the Resurrection.


Holy Saturday, 2009

Don Mullan

Dedicated to Roma Downey and Mark Burnett

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