The Massacre of Northern Nigeria’s Christians

“The plight of Nigeria’s Christians is a grisly reminder of what happens when Western nations fail to stop the rise of radical Islam and protect the world’s defenseless.”

Writing in the on-line magazine (15 February 2017) Abraham Blondeau states: “An unreported humanitarian crisis has exploded in northern Nigeria.”

He offers a harrowing account of brutality, especially perpetrated against women, and specifically targeting Christian communities.

An armed Fulani herdsman in Northern Nigeria

“Boko Haram and Islamic Fulani tribesmen,” Blondeau reports, “have been systematically massacring Christians living in the region. Villages are ransacked on a near daily basis, leaving hundreds displaced, enslaved or dead.”

Blondeau quotes extensively from a report published in the Spectator (4 February 2017) by Douglas Murray, entitled, “Who Will Protect Nigeria’s Northern Christians?” In that article, Murray writes:

“Another day in northern Nigeria, another Christian village reeling from an attack by the Muslim Fulani herdsmen who used to be their neighbors—and who are now cleansing them from the area. The locals daren’t collect the freshest bodies. Some who tried earlier have already been killed, spotted by the waiting militia and hacked down or shot. The Fulani are watching everything closely from the surrounding mountains. Every week, their progress across the northern states of Plateau and Kaduna continues. Every week, more massacres—another village burned, its church razed, its inhabitants slaughtered, raped or chased away. A young woman, whose husband and two children have just been killed in front of her, tells me blankly, “Our parents told us about these people. But we lived in relative peace, and we forgot what they said.”

Blondeau highlights Nigeria’s strategic importance as Africa’s most populated country and the continent’s biggest oil producer but criticises the West’s lack of interest.

The writer is scathing in his criticism of the current Nigerian Government’s failure to adequately intervene and accuses elements of the Nigerian Defence Forces of both supplying weapons to Fulani herdsmen and ignoring massacres and the sacking of Christian villages within site of military barracks. And he is equally critical of western media coverage of the situation: “Since 2014, the rise of radical Islam and the plight of the Nigerian Christians have vanished from the news headlines.”

The article references the threat to the Western World by the rise of aggressive Islamic fundamentalism and questions its ability to cope given the new ‘America First’ policy and the strains within the European Union, the NATO alliance and the new Cold War with Russia.

Blondeau concludes:

“The massacres in northern Nigeria are a grisly reminder that defenseless people will suffer if the U.S. or Europe do nothing to counteract the rampant expansion of radical Islam’s power. It is a terrifying example of what to expect if radical Islam dominates Christian populations. As Europe still struggles with terrorism in its own borders, Nigeria stands as a bloody monument to inaction.”

Abraham Blondeau’s theTrumpet article can be accessed here:

Douglas Murray’s Spectator report: “Who Will Protect Nigeria’s Northern Christians?” can be accessed by clicking here:

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