War Pawns: Short film depicts plight of Sudan’s Nuba Mountain people

Nuba Mountains, Sudan

The news agency, IRIN, has made a unique film about the plight of Sudan’s Nuba people. Journalists and NGOs are banned by the Sudanese Government from the Nuba Mountains. This rare film was captured by local community groups with guidance from international media sources. The narration is scripted directly from interviews with more than a dozen Nuba civilians. Their participation required courage and a heroism that is born in moments of desperation.

The film comes with a special report by IRIN which offers insight into the current ceasefire between the Sudanese government and rebels who have made the mountainous terrain their base. For the civilian people, however, who know themselves to be amongst Africa’s ‘poorest of the poor’, they have become pawns in a vicious war. Their primary wish is to be left in peace to continue with the basic challenges of survival.

There is hope for the ceasefire, despite sporadic clashes, seems to be holding.

IRIN’s introduction to the short 10 minute movie states:

“For Khartoum, there is an incentive to keeping the peace. The outgoing US administration of Barack

Funda Village, Nuba Mountains

Obama lifted economic sanctions in January, and a key condition of the six-month probation period until their permanent removal is a cessation of hostilities.

“The rebels of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N) also have a point to make. They are keen to demonstrate to the international community their commitment to talks, and to the clearing of obstacles to aid access to the impoverished South Kordofan and Blue Nile states.

“Peace can’t come soon enough for the people of the Nuba Mountains. The conflict has disrupted farming in rebel-held areas, and, along with poor rains, has resulted in sharply reduced harvests. Food prices are sky-rocketing, and the crisis is forcing more and more people from their homes in search of aid.”

The full IRIN report, including the movie, may be accessed by clicking here:

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