Just when you think it can’t get any worse regarding environmental destruction – it does! Off the coast of Papua New Guinea a Canadian mining company has a license to excavate the world’s first deep sea mine. We have seen how mining can devastate ecosystems on land. Now, critical ecosystems deep in the ocean may…
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“When I am studying plants, I feel like I am talking with some kind of supernatural life, like I am talking with someone who does not speak.” – Corneille Ewango The Society of African Missions has been committed to the development and wellbeing of the continent of Africa ever since our first missionaries, inspired by…
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In a candid analysis piece by Migration Editor, Kristy Siegfried, the news agency IRIN asks the question ‘What does Brexit mean for refugees?’ (27 June 2016) The leave campaign, most notably the UK Independence Party (UKIP), used refugees as a primary selling point to exit Europe. Giant posters were unveiled across Britain depicting hundreds of…
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Our Mission

The Society of African Missions is a missionary society of priests and brothers dedicated to the proclamation of the Good News in Africa and to peoples of African origin.

Announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ takes many forms: direct preaching to people on the street, in church and other places where people gather. But with the dawn of the digital age the SMA has harnessed modern media methods to address religious and social issues from a Catholic perspective. Fr Tom Casey, from Emly, Co Tipperary, has spent many years in the ‘media world’ of Radio and TV, producing many programmes on social and other issues affecting African people, particularly in Zambia.

This 4 minute video is part 1 of the story of Chipulukusu Community School, founded by the SMA.


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